Artist Statement

My circuitry project references parts from engineered systems, electrical circuits, and industrial architectural elements and as such unsuspecting viewers often see it as a peripheral functional object (i.e. air vent, thermostats, switches) not recognizing it as a sculpture. Taking the familiar essential shapes and forms of modern functional systems out of context allows the viewer to examine the aesthetic and anthropomorphic qualities of these systems. The unconventional appearance and placement works to draw the viewer in for a closer examination and reveals an animated, gestural sculpture as well as illuminating the depth of the detail in the surface, glaze and metal work.

I explore the concept of circuits on a macro scale in my loops series. Systems and circuits of all kinds are often closed networks. The loops series examines the relationship between the closed space, open space and size in vascular, industrial and electrical systems.

Scale of systems is a main focus of my outdoor installations. These projects have allowed me to work in large format outdoor sculptures with participants from my sculpture classes. These works use found objects (natural and man-made) in site specific locations to create whimsical system compositions that interact and respond to the landscape. These public works allow the general public to interact with art outside of the traditional art spaces.